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What is the CCFA?

“The Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association promotes friendship, understanding and co-operation between the peoples of Canada and Cuba. Our activities include exchanges in various areas (i.e. health, education, culture, etc.) as well as the gathering of material aid to Cuba. It is a registered non-profit, NGO, volunteer organization.”

Esta nueva entrada, muestra uno de los muchos sitios que existen en la red de redes, en internet, y que aportan interesantes informaciones relacionadas con la Solidaridad y el interés con Cuba. Temas como los siguientes son abordados en CCFA.

-Canadians for “Cuba Medical Brigade for Haiti” Earthquake/cholera victims – update Dec 10/11
-Cuban Five Family Members Welcomed
-Mariela Castro: “The United States government is preoccupied with the LGBT movement in Cuba”

Eventos publicitados:
Event: ‘Haiti: Solidarity & Social Justice’. Date: Friday, February 17, 2012 At 19:00 PM
Event: ‘Annual Norman Bethune Dinner’ Date: Saturday, February 25, 2012 At 19:00 PM
Event: ‘Cuban Medical Progress’. Date: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 At 19:30 PM
Participa: Cuban Doctor Agustin Lage Davila was a member of the Advisory Committee of Health Research of Pan American Health Organization from 1992-1998,